Monday, February 7, 2011

Treadmill Woes and Goals

Ugh It seems that it has happened... New Years is no longer fresh in my mind and I have completely gone off the deep end, maybe I am being a little dramatic but I would like to get more focused again on a few things. In the last couple of weeks I have not blogged, gone to the gym only a couple times a week, and have not been keeping up with my healthy eating habits. I also have not been creating my weekly goals so I am going to start doing that again.


Stay within my points for weight watchers.

Work out 3-4 times this week.

Blog twice this week.

File taxes.

Make more time for homework.

Clean and organize office.

Autobiography for school

Resume for school.
I again think the best way to achieve goals is to have a plan.
To stay within my points I am going to plan what I will eat the next day and add everything to the tracker as soon as possible. In the last couple of days I have been grazing but not on fruits and veggies.

I am going to the gym tonight, tomorrow night, and friday night. I wll try to go to work out in the mornings on Wednesday and Thursday but I will make no promises. Saturday and Sunday I would like to try to go to the gym at least one of those mornings. Tonight I am going to run, tomorrow I will do the eliptical, Friday I will run. I will also run on Saturday or Sunday.

I did this post tonight and I will do a post again Friday night or Saturday morning.

Hopefully the husband and I can do the taxes on Friday. I might try to plan a nice dinner at home, followed by taxes, and maybe a movie or working on the office.

I tend to procastinate and I actually hate this quality. I really try to think of everything I can do but my homework on the weekends and then when I sit down to do it I am usually watching tv. I am sure you can take away from that, that I do not get much homework done. I plan to do homework tonight and tomorrow nights as well as doing some on Saturday and Sunday.

I want to get my office cleaned and organized so I can use that for homework(away from the computer). I would also like to make this the place to do bills and other financial business. I am going to look around my house tonight for stuff I can use to organize the office and see what I can get rid of.

I have an autobiography and resume due by Feb. 18th so I plan to work on both of these on Saturday and Sunday.
As we know the best laid plans can fall through but I am going to do my best to keep up with it...
I went to the gym earlier tonight because the husband made it home earlier but dang if there wasn't someone on the only working treadmill.  I hate to complain but I pay a hefty HOA fee and my neighborhood gym has only two treadmills and for the past month 1 of the 2 treadmills is always broken.  So I made do with an eliptical for the first 21 minutes and moved over to the treadmill to run for 30 minutes.  My run felt great and I really pushed myself to go faster then I am use to.  The last 5 minute jog I started at 6.0 speed and increased every 30 seconds.  I am really starting to fall in love with running I just need to remember that feeling when I think I would rather stay home!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Focus on the reward at the end

Do you like the title?  That was a friend's status on FB today.  What an awesome saying and works for any goal!  I might create some post its that say that to remind me what I am doing.

First lets go over last week goals.
Eat half my plate in veggies at dinner most nights: I accomplished this most dinners and even incorporated veggies at lunch and breakfast.  Friday morning I experienced my first green monster.  It wasn't bad and a great way to add veggies to my diet.

Workout at least three times: This was accomplished!  Monday - shovel, Wednesday - treadmill, Thursday - Just Dance 2 for an hour, Friday - treadmill, Sunday - treadmill. 5 days!

Create a training plan for 5k, 10K, and half marathon I want to run.  I didn't get this done but I did map out my running days until about mid May. 

Create budget template for next month based on this month expenses.  Still no budget!  This will be a large struggle.

Give myself a mani and pedi.  Still not done!  I put this as a goal to do something to make myself feel better but its not like I hate my nails. 

Goals for this week:

Track everything I eat using the weight watcher's tools.  I did it!  I signed up for weight watchers.  I am going to try to work the system the best I can.  I have been playing on the website with my day off today.

Workout at least 4 times this week.  Since I have been doing about 4-5 workouts a week I don't think this should be a problem.  Just trying to set myself up for success!!!

Work on my budget for February.

I am taking the mani and pedi off my goals list!  Haha!  

Take more pictures to make the blog more interesting. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New week, new post

last week's goals

Eat half my plate in veggies at dinner most nights: I did this most days and at lunch as well.
Work out 3 times this week: I worked out four times last week!
create a budget for January: Boo I never did this. I need the husband to sit down and do this with me. It might help if I mentioned it to him! ;)
Start C25K program: This I did do and I proud to make it a regular part of my workouts.
Blog at least twice this week: I also was able to accomplish this, but as you can tell I have been aol since last week.
Give myself a mani and pedi: Ugh! I never did this, not sure why I had plenty of time.

This week's goals

Eat half my plate in veggies at dinner most nights: I am already struggling with this one this week.
Workout at least three times: Last night I made it to the gym and Monday I shoveled the whole driveway for the first time. It was a great workout leaving me sore until today.
Create a training plan for 5k, 10K, and half marathon I want to run this year.
Create budget template for next month based on this month expenses.
Give myself a mani and pedi.

My work is closed Monday for Martin Luther King's day, woo hoo!  I love bankers hours.  With my brand new PTO I am taking off tomorrow as well!  Yay for 4 day weekends.  I am hoping to get some stuff done around the house, maybe get that mani and pedi taken care of, work on training plan, run, get ready for my semester that starts next week, and read.  What a hefty list! 

Thursday, January 6, 2011



Eat more veggies at lunch and dinner
Work out 3 times this week
create a budget for January
Start C25K program
Blog at least twice this week
Give myself a mani and pedi
So I started a post awhile back about how I am going to set weekly goals and what my weekly goals are, however I have yet to finish or post it. Ugh! Not starting off my blog more resolution right but I am not giving up just yet. My first post I was going to talk about my plan to lose 35lbs.
I plan on setting weekly goals to help me achieve this weight loss as well as rewards for certain strives made. Above are my goals this week.  I have already worked out 3 times this week and started Week 1 Day 1 of the C25K program.  I have added loads of veggies in this week by adding salad to my lunch and veggies with my dinner.  This will be my second blog post of the week since the 1st was Saturday.  I just need to keep up with the veggies, give myself a mani and pedi and create a budget for this month.
Along with setting goals I have come up with some rewards to help motivate me to eat better and work out more to lose the weight.  Below are my rewards!
For every 5% weight loss I will reward myself with some great stuff:
First 5% I will collect some new work out gear.
2nd 5% I will get a garmin forerunner watch.
3rd 5% I will get either a new camera or an Ipad
4th 5% I will get the one from above that I didn't get before.
Once I reach the next 5% or my goal of 35lbs I will get new clothes.

I am very excited for the journey ahead. I promise I am going to start working on getting interesting pictures up on my boring blog. My favorite blogs to read include tons of photos.

Other then my weekly goals and rewards I have been debating joining weight watchers again. Previously I did weight watchers online but never really worked the program. I am thinking of joining a local group. It might be helpful for me to talk to other women who have the same struggles. I think it might also be useful for me to have something to count what I am eating. Sometimes it is just too much to find out how many calories I am eating but points seem more manageable. I also like how the new program has a zero point value for most fruits and veggies which I consume a ton of fruit.