Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Couch 2 5K

I did it this morning! Week 1, day 1!!! It was great. I left the house around 5:15 and got back at 5:50. I was very excited to accomplish this. I am ready for Friday's run!!! The sky was beautiful this morning and the streets were peaceful I wish I would of taken a picture. After the long day I know realize I need new running shoes badly. I have had this pair since 2006 so I would say it is time to retire it!

After my run I had a chai tea latte and an English Muffin with PB. Snacks today consisted of a banana, an apple, and watermelon. I went to subway for lunch today and tried the 6 inch jalapeno turkey sub. Yum with chips and diet coke!

Tonight for dinner I made a delicious thai peanut chicken pizza! Corey was a huge fan and it tasted fabulous!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I am thinking about changing my blog again. I feel like a need a little more focused blog to motivate me to write. After reading several new blogs today I am going to set up my blog around food and running.

Earlier in the week I found a running program called couch 2 5k. It is a 9 week running plan to prepare me to run a 5k. I am going to sign up to run the turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning. Good way to justify all the foods that I will eat later in the day. There is actually an app for this program that I can download on my phone and it will signal when I need to start running and stop running.

My plan is starting this week, I will get up and run three times during the week first thing in the morning. Eventually I will add in strength training and yoga! I love cooking and baking even more so along my journey you will see many hopefully delicious recipes.

Look for my miles run, new work outs, and scrumptious food!

Potty Training!

We had a break through moment today.. Phoebe actualy went and stood by the back door to go out. I asked her if she needed to go outside and she came running to me. I started to take another bite of cereal and she yipped at me. So I got up right away and took her out. She did her business as soon as she got outside!!! Yay one for Phoebe! I was just so proud. It is now afternoon and she has had no accidents inside!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fitness woes

How does a baker/cook who loves to get things going in the kitchen lose weight? Really baking more so than cooking is theraputic for me! I love whipping something up. Like just yesterday I told myself I will start eating better and working on out Monday. Guess what it didn't happen. Instead I baked brownies from scratch. Yes very good brownies but still not on with my new plan.

I would like to do cardio three days a week, strength two days a week, and yoga at least once a week. I do not think his is impossible yet I can not make myself get up and do these things. I need a clear and consise plan to reach my goals.

Some days I feel fine about myself. And other days I feel just awful. I know I eat too many sweets. It is just so conflicting for me because I love to bake and taste something sweet. I need suggestions on how to reach my goals of eating healthier and exercising.

In a few years I want to try to have kids but I want to be 100% healthy and in shape.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Awe disappearing act

I have not written in here for a long time nor added photos of all the wonderful things I have been cooking up. I started back to school last week and I have been so busy!!! Last Saturday we went and picked up the newest addition of our family. Phoebe!

She is just a doll!! But caring for a new puppy takes up a lot of extra time. She needs constant attention. She likes to chew and potty. I am very excited about the potty training. She is doing so well. We just have to keep an eye on her and anticipate her needs.

School is good. I am very excited about my education technology class. I am going to learn lots Check Spellingof technology related stuff that I can apply in the classroom. My other class is special needs education. I was hoping this would be an interesting class but so far it has been straight lecture. I hope things pick up once we are done getting the basics and history of special education.

Work life has been a bore but I am hoping to get a new position in the company soon! I can't wait until I am done with school and can get into a classroom!!!