Thursday, January 6, 2011



Eat more veggies at lunch and dinner
Work out 3 times this week
create a budget for January
Start C25K program
Blog at least twice this week
Give myself a mani and pedi
So I started a post awhile back about how I am going to set weekly goals and what my weekly goals are, however I have yet to finish or post it. Ugh! Not starting off my blog more resolution right but I am not giving up just yet. My first post I was going to talk about my plan to lose 35lbs.
I plan on setting weekly goals to help me achieve this weight loss as well as rewards for certain strives made. Above are my goals this week.  I have already worked out 3 times this week and started Week 1 Day 1 of the C25K program.  I have added loads of veggies in this week by adding salad to my lunch and veggies with my dinner.  This will be my second blog post of the week since the 1st was Saturday.  I just need to keep up with the veggies, give myself a mani and pedi and create a budget for this month.
Along with setting goals I have come up with some rewards to help motivate me to eat better and work out more to lose the weight.  Below are my rewards!
For every 5% weight loss I will reward myself with some great stuff:
First 5% I will collect some new work out gear.
2nd 5% I will get a garmin forerunner watch.
3rd 5% I will get either a new camera or an Ipad
4th 5% I will get the one from above that I didn't get before.
Once I reach the next 5% or my goal of 35lbs I will get new clothes.

I am very excited for the journey ahead. I promise I am going to start working on getting interesting pictures up on my boring blog. My favorite blogs to read include tons of photos.

Other then my weekly goals and rewards I have been debating joining weight watchers again. Previously I did weight watchers online but never really worked the program. I am thinking of joining a local group. It might be helpful for me to talk to other women who have the same struggles. I think it might also be useful for me to have something to count what I am eating. Sometimes it is just too much to find out how many calories I am eating but points seem more manageable. I also like how the new program has a zero point value for most fruits and veggies which I consume a ton of fruit.

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