Monday, November 2, 2009


Do you ever lack motivation??? I do all the time. It is amazing really.. I lack motivation to clean, to plan healthy meals, to exercise, and to finish homework. I would love to get my work done for school in a manner that I was not rushing around. I would love to lose 20-35lbs before the wedding but I really lack the motivation to exercise and the will power to say no to crap food. Tonight I was all ready to go to the gym but since my boyfriend was not getting up to go as soon as I got home I feel off the wagon and ate a piece of better the pumpkin pie cake. Which yes is so good but not good for me. Where do people get the motivation to work out or the will power to not eat junk food, all the time? I watch the biggest loser but that is not enough motivation for me. These people really go through transformations, why can't I??? I am just frustrated with myself and needed to vent.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mid Week Review

Today is not my best day ever. I had a long day at work where I made a mistake, luckly it was fixed without extra cost to the company. My heel snapped on my brand new boots while I was in class this evening! Dang it I really liked those shoes. Also, I hit a cat on the way home. Our neighborhood is very dark and there was a jogger on the side of the road that I swerved around and a cat darted out in front of me. I went and got Corey and we went back to check on the poor baby. Unfortunately there was nothing we could do for the cat. I cried forever. What a middle of the week. I am glad tomorrow I can sleep in. I have a doctor's appointment at 11:00 so I took half the day off. I am hoping the rest of the week goes better.

On a better note Friday is Halloween day at work and I am dressing up in nurses scrubs with blood. Our department is doing an insane asylum theme. Friday night we are having some friends over for pizza and Saturday we are having some more friends over for Halloween. My friend Amanda just had a baby and they are coming to KC and will be staying at our house for part of the time. I am very excited to see Baby Brian!!! Another friend is bring over her two boys dressed in their costumes and I am excited to see them also!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Engagement Session

Here are just a few shots of our engagement session taken by my good friend Sonya. She is an amazing women. You can check out her blog at

Week End Review..

What a week I had. It was very uneventful. A couple nights of school. Wednesday night was very long and boring as I was already tired before class started. Working full time and taking two classes can be tough at times.

Some exciting news about the wedding. I booked the florist on Monday and the DJ on Tuesday! Two more things off our list. Yes!! Now I just need Corey to formely ask his groomsmen and usher to be in the wedding. We are having a very small party. 1 matron of honor, 1 bridesmaid, 1 best man, 1 groomsmen, 2 ushers. We also have 1 guest book attendent.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Food Diary


I know this entry has been MIA for a week and I just started writing it. It is hard to write everything down when the foods you want to eat are so fabulously bad for you! We will start my Food Diary fresh today. I have a feeling today will be a good day!

Breakfast: PB toast

Snack: Strawberries

Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper

Lunch: Wheat thins with turkey and Colby Jack Cheese, carrots and fat free Zesty Italian.

Snack: Wheat thins with Laughing Cow Swiss cheese.

I still feel hungry and I just finished both my lunch and snack!

As I still felt like I was hungry, I went and got two handfuls of cashews from a lady at work. It helped for a minute then I sat back down at my desk and I feel hungry again… It must be the boredom of my desk..

Nothing helped I stayed hungry until dinner! I also had a few cheez its.

Dinner: ground turkey burrito with side of chips and salsa.


Breakfast: PB toast

Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper

Snack: Apples

Lunch: taco salad and small amount of crock pot cake

Snack: Banana & PB You just have to love PB.

Dinner: Small pizza and a skinny cow ice cream.

I admit the past two days were not the greatest but I did pass up funnel cake at work today and a chocolate muffin at school tonight.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3 miles

Tonight I ran three miles on the eliptical. It feels great to know I did that. It took me 30 minutes and you might call it more of a jog. I am really truing to eat better and workout more to get in better shape for my upcoming wedding.

Speaking of the wedding I booked our DJ tonight and I am very excited about getting a lot accomplished this month. Florist, engagement photos, and DJ.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday afternoon..

It is Saturday afternoon and we just finished taking our engagement photos. I can't wait to see how they all turn out. We took some really cute shots with some hay bails and some rock. Neat pictures down by the railroad track! I will post some when I get them. Now it is time for lunch and a nap. Possibly some homework.. And maybe some cleaning..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mid-week review

I don't want to get on here and complain but man I am ready for this week to be over. Right now I am cold and starving but on the upside I am now enjoying a relaxing evening next to my wonderful soon to be husband!! Do you ever feel like you are just over a week before it is even half way through?? I will post a food blog later.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Breakfast: Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds

Lunch: Malay Cafe - I had the Royal Almond Chicken, soup, cheese wantons, and rice.

Dinner: I made this thai sweet potato soup with shrimp. Not good. I had a handful of chips and school and a few chips at home.. I don't feel to hungry so I am off to bed.

What a boring food day. However, my lunch was awesome!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday afternoons..

We are back to Sunday afternoons.. Like many Sundays, Corey and I went to Firehouse Subs and did some shopping at Joann's and Target. I did not get anything at Joann's but I did spot the ribbon I am using in the wedding. I am trying to buy the ribbon as it is on sale. I got a couple spools during the week from Hobby Lobby half off. We got basic stuff at Target like dog food, eggs, milk, and fruit! Now I am at home and should be working on my homework. I had a good start by cleaning off my desk now the real work shall begin..


I did not post Friday's food log or Saturday's. It is easy not to write down what I am eating and it makes it easier to eat whatever I want.

Friday Breakfast: Peanut butter toast and Chai tea latte.

Friday Lunch: Turkey Sandwich from Goodcents and Diet soda mixed with regular. Such a bad habit.

Friday dinner: I got a bunch of healthy dinner ideas from a magazine and made a Shepard's pie using turkey and sweet potatoes. The recipe had way too much salt and adobe sauce I couldn't finish and made half a peanut butter sandwich. I love peanut butter...

Saturday breakfast: Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds (my favorite cereal).

Saturday Lunch: Panda express orange chicken in noddles, one of the greatest pleasures in life. Unfortunately not so healthy... But I do have to say I did not eat the whole thing like I usually do!!

Saturday dinner: Cheese ravioli at a restaurant I had never tried before. The noddles were not cooked enough so it wasn't the greatest. Corey however got a meatball sandwich and I had a couple bites of the meatballs which were awesome... I also had a side salad with their house Italian dressing.

Saturday dessert: We went to the Melting Pot with two friends and shared the Banana Foster chocolate. Yum-my is all I have to say!!

All in all I didn't do horrible but I still have a long way to go to eating healthier. Let's work on my bridal belly.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today was my mom's birthday and I will be a dutiful daughter and keep her age to myself. :) I got her breakfast this morning, brought her left over chili for lunch, and took her out to dinner. I also got her tickets to the Trans Siberian Ochestra. I do hope she likes it. She has been wanting to go for years. Happy Birthday Momma!!


I want to make myself more accountable for what I eat. I will start with today.

Breakfast.. Two glazed donuts from QT with a 32 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper. Ahh..

That sounds awful. I guess this is why I don’t want to write down what I eat. But from now on I will keep a running journal of my food intake. It is my mom’s birthday so that was why I made the impromptu visit to the gas station this morning for a delicious birthday treat. Next time I will make some healthy muffins ahead of time.

No snack. I was full!

Lunch.. I had left over veggie pasta from last night’s dinner and a tangerine with water.

Not a bad lunch however I only finished eating an hour ago and I think I am still hungry. I was thinking of having hot chocolate but that is pretty bad. I may need to invest in some sugar free hot cocoa.

I guess a major part of eating is why we eat. What brings on the urge.. True hunger, anger, depression, boredom… I think my urge to snack comes from being bored at work. No offense to my job but currently it can be a real bore.

Snack: I did have an afternoon snack not the hot chocolate though. I had a granny smith apple with peanut butter. It was so good and seemed a lot better then the hot chocolate.

We are going out for dinner tonight. I will try to choose a healthy salad with the dressing on the side.

Dinner: Grilled Chicken salad with Honey Lime dressing on the side. Probably more than a handful of chips with salsa. And one bite of my mom’s birthday sopapilla.

Dinner was good. I made some pretty good choices. However, my brother joined us for dinner and I had the check split 3/1 and felt awful for not just paying for his food as well. It was an awkward moment but I am sure it will be fine. He works in the women’s shoe department at Dillards so I will just have to buy two pairs of shoes instead of one pair. He gets commission.

This may seem ridiculous to read about my food consumption everyday but I hope it makes me more conscious of what I am putting in my mouth. J

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have a lot of friends getting married in 2010.. It must be the year of weddings. It is such an exciting time for me and everyone else. It can also be a nerve racking stressful time. So far I have had very few stress moments. Maybe because I am planning a very casual event. However, one stress out bride brought to my attention today a checklist of things that should be done by now. Ahh!! I pulled up my checklist and there are several items I need to get completed. But no fear I am working on these things. I have an appointment with a florist this weekend and I called a DJ to get an appointment set up. I am just wondering do people do engagement announcements in the paper anymore? Should I be looking into this?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday afternoons..

Sundays are good for many things!! The things I love to do on Sunday is sleep in, eat Firehouse subs, shop, and have family dinners. I don't get to go all these things every Sunday but today I got to sleep in, eat at Firehouse Subs, and shop. We are taking a day off from family dinner as I have lots of homework to do this evening and my mother is at a golf tournament. I have chili on the stove simmering and I am going to prep dinners for next week. I hope everyone had an excellent weekend!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Friday I have my first observation. I was not really sure of what was going on when I first got there. Mostly I sat in the corner and watched the teacher teach. She did a great job. The kids were surprisingly well behaved for a Friday afternoon. The teacher had an awesome end of the day technique of turning on a song and the kids basically got up and started cleaning the classroom. After all was done one kid picked out some people he saw helping and a cleanest table to get a treat. The teacher then read a chapter from a book to the kids before the bell rang to leave. I will learn a lot of useful tips like this one!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hello.. I am new to blogging. I thought it might help if I write things down to keep me sane. My soon to be husband and I are jumping on the bridal weight loss plan or the be happy about your weight plan.. As I told my mother in the car this afternoon, "this belly is not a bridal belly". Sunday we started going to the gym, conveniently located in the club house of our neighborhood. Believe me I also ask myself why has it taken me so long to get my butt in the gym.. This week we are starting with 6 days of 20 minute work outs. The plan is to add time each week and extra activities. We are also, trying to eat better. I am armed with a shopping list from my monthly self magazine to get started. My other goal for the week is to book a DJ for our wedding. I have a name and number so I just need to pick up the phone. Tomorrow I start my first in class room observation. I am super excited, as well as, nervous. I think it will be a great opportunity to see a class in action on a Friday!! If you would like to learn more about me check out the 'about me' section.. Have a good evening my sweet potatoes are boiling over..