Monday, November 2, 2009


Do you ever lack motivation??? I do all the time. It is amazing really.. I lack motivation to clean, to plan healthy meals, to exercise, and to finish homework. I would love to get my work done for school in a manner that I was not rushing around. I would love to lose 20-35lbs before the wedding but I really lack the motivation to exercise and the will power to say no to crap food. Tonight I was all ready to go to the gym but since my boyfriend was not getting up to go as soon as I got home I feel off the wagon and ate a piece of better the pumpkin pie cake. Which yes is so good but not good for me. Where do people get the motivation to work out or the will power to not eat junk food, all the time? I watch the biggest loser but that is not enough motivation for me. These people really go through transformations, why can't I??? I am just frustrated with myself and needed to vent.

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