Monday, August 9, 2010

I am back

I started this blog last fall and I got so busy with school and planning my wedding that I did not make the time to post anything about my life. But I am back and with some great new topics. My name is Jen and I am now happily married to my husband Corey. We have one adorable American Bulldog named Lincoln or we call him Logs. Let me tell you a few of my favorite things; reading, the color pink in all shades but I do love a bright hot fuchsia pink, cupcakes, cooking, eating, and of course my husband and dog.

I am still going to school to become an elementary teacher. I love the program I am in most of the time. I have to admit that I do get tired of writing papers. I took a break after my last and stressful semester. I took three classes last semester while working 40 hours a week and planning a wedding. I have vowed never to take 3 classes a semester again; it was very hard on me and Corey. I was signed up for a 5 week class that meets twice a week from June 6 through August 12. I dropped that class! I just couldn’t go back yet! I will go back in the fall with two classes. I have a full year of classes and a semester of student teaching ahead of me. I know I can do it and I will be ready in the fall! I am very excited to start a new career that will be so much more then sitting in a cubicle looking on a computer all day long.

Currently I work in the corporate environment at a large commercial real estate company. My first two years I worked in the insurance department that consisted of looking at loan documents and insurance policies to verify everything matched up. I was also responsible for writing up payments for the insurance invoices. For the last year I have been in the tax department. Currently I pay the real estate tax bills from escrow accounts as well as monitoring the loans that do not escrow taxes. I think it is apparent why I am changing career paths. Although I could probably work my way up to a higher more interesting position within the company I happen to hate sitting in a cubicle working on a computer all day long! So off to school I go!

When I was little I use to play school in my bedroom for hours. I would read to my imaginary students and teach math on my very own chalkboard. I do not know why I decided to go the business route rather than teaching. I believe education to be one of the most important tools in life. Learning new things keeps me alive. I want to give children my same love of learning and reading. I would probably have a different view on the subject if I had not been pulled out of class and into a special reading program while in elementary school. I thank my reading teaching for helping me learn to love books. I also, believe this created the teacher in me. My mom tells me I was kept in the program longer than I really needed because I loved to help the other students in the class to learn to read also. The teacher said it was boosting my confidence!

I think is probably way too much information but I wanted to share a little about myself. Please look forward to more posts about my life, my family, and my many interests.

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  1. everything looks great and I love the new name for the blog!