Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mid Week Review

Today is not my best day ever. I had a long day at work where I made a mistake, luckly it was fixed without extra cost to the company. My heel snapped on my brand new boots while I was in class this evening! Dang it I really liked those shoes. Also, I hit a cat on the way home. Our neighborhood is very dark and there was a jogger on the side of the road that I swerved around and a cat darted out in front of me. I went and got Corey and we went back to check on the poor baby. Unfortunately there was nothing we could do for the cat. I cried forever. What a middle of the week. I am glad tomorrow I can sleep in. I have a doctor's appointment at 11:00 so I took half the day off. I am hoping the rest of the week goes better.

On a better note Friday is Halloween day at work and I am dressing up in nurses scrubs with blood. Our department is doing an insane asylum theme. Friday night we are having some friends over for pizza and Saturday we are having some more friends over for Halloween. My friend Amanda just had a baby and they are coming to KC and will be staying at our house for part of the time. I am very excited to see Baby Brian!!! Another friend is bring over her two boys dressed in their costumes and I am excited to see them also!