Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have a lot of friends getting married in 2010.. It must be the year of weddings. It is such an exciting time for me and everyone else. It can also be a nerve racking stressful time. So far I have had very few stress moments. Maybe because I am planning a very casual event. However, one stress out bride brought to my attention today a checklist of things that should be done by now. Ahh!! I pulled up my checklist and there are several items I need to get completed. But no fear I am working on these things. I have an appointment with a florist this weekend and I called a DJ to get an appointment set up. I am just wondering do people do engagement announcements in the paper anymore? Should I be looking into this?

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  1. Only if you want to. You certainly do not have to. But since we are taking your pics on Monday you sure can if you want to.