Thursday, August 12, 2010


Agh! Its already 9:40 and I was going to put off this post until tomorrow because of the time but it is more of an excuse to not write what I ate today. Breakfast was the usual PB on english muffin. For lunch I had a leftover brat on a bun with corn and BBQ chips. Yum! I was crazy something sweet so I went to the local candy dish at work and scored a mini snickers and a mini almond joy. Neither tasted quite as I remembered. For a snack later in the afternoon I had a peach and boy was it delicious. I mean it was a sweet, tender, and at the perfect point of ripeness. When I got home for work I grabbed a leftover roll because I had a late eye appointment and was already hungry for dinner. My mom had me over for dinner, chicken enchiladas and a small side of beans. Yum! But after dinner I had yet another sweet snack: a chocolate ice cream cone.

Can you see the pattern? I have a major sweet tooth! And that might be the reason I put off writing this post.

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